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quotesI think your service has been both professional and valuable – Many of us have experience of reviewing CV’s but preparing your own is an entirely different matter. I’m sure that I would have been too reticent and understated which may be admirable character traits in normal circumstances, but they are not advisable when trying to promote yourself. I’d certainly recommend your services to others. Programme Director

quotesI recently found myself in the position of having to look for a new job for the first time after several years of steady employment. In the current market I realised that I would need to approach my job search in a more structured way than previously. After speaking to Jeremy I’Anson  I decided to go ahead and ask him to review my experience and help me to develop my job search strategy. We talked through my skills and experience in some detail and after a few days Jeremy came back to me with a really professional CV which I anticipate will significantly increase my chances of getting selected for interview. Banking Professional

quotesLike many my CV was a “layered affair” with periodic updates added as I have progressed through my career. After getting to know you via a questionnaire they spent a few hours on the telephone discussing exactly the next steps I wanted to take and finally produced a two page CV which is succinct and gives the reader a clear picture of my strengths and what I could achieve in an organisation. I know I could not have achieved such a polished document by myself and I would strongly recommend anyone who is looking to make a career change to engage them to help; you will not regret it. General Manager

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